Grand Children

From time to time we keep the grand children over for the night. We enjoy them so much. They bring joy and happiness when ever they are here. It’s so funny to see him mimmic me. He coughs like me . It was a year ago I noticed he copies me. I remember the first time I noticed what he was doing. In the morning I some times have to clear my throat for a few minutes by coughing. Well about a year ago, he’s two now, I noticed him sitting up in bed mimmicing me. Fake coughing. My wife had just walked into the room. I just relized what he was doing and and I said ” Is he making fun of me?” I just busted out laughing. No he was just copying me.
Yesterday, I let him ride on our riding lawnmower with me “helping” me cut the grass. This mornig my wife said last night he was asleep in our bed and he kept saying trackter. Because she had told him I was driving a trackter when she asked him if he wanted to ride with me. LOL “trackter” he’s so cute.
Our Grand Children. The joy and happiness they bring to us.
a sigh of joy mmmm


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